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  • Aren't Sprinkles, Icing, and Peanut Butter Bad For My Pet?
    Here are some healthy tips and information for our furry friends! *Peanut Butter- We all love peanut butter, but for our furry friends we need to make sure we are not giving them peanut butter that contains XYLITOL. This even in small amounts is VERY toxic. It can cause seizures, liver failure, hypoglycemia and sadly even death. *Homemade treats and goodies- Yes, our dogs can't get enough of them, but they should only have the amount of treats that make up no more than about 10% of their daily calories. Don't forget to always weight in the fact of their age and weight. For example- if our pet has 300 calories in a day, they should only have 30 calories from a homemade treat. The other 270 should be coming from their natural food! *Sprinkles- We see them on our dog treats along with icing. Sprinkles are actually safe for our dogs in small quantities. They are made of wax, oil and food coloring. Icing, depending on flavors, are made of oat, whole wheat, rice or potato flour. Some include raw honey, water, natural peanut butter, etc. Regardless, always check your treats for ingredient labels! This helps also with a pet that maybe has a sensitivity or allergy to a certain ingredient. If there are any questions, concerns, or even a special request due to allergies or sensitive bellies, please feel free to contact me by email or by phone! I want to keep all these amazing furry ones happy and healthy!! 😁 (856)305-1662 -
  • What Are The Benefits Of All Natural, Preservative Free Treats?
    Some benefits to all natural and preservative free treats is giving your pet wholesome nutrition that is hormone-free to promote gentle digestion! Treats like these can be better for their dental health, reduce allergic reactions and ingredient intolerance. Many lower quality pet treats have added chemicals to make them last longer that can be harmful to your pets. Our natural treats can be customized for your pet to help with any sensitivity or allergy they might have! Contact us for more details or questions! 😁🐱🐶
  • Do You Deliver?
    Yes! We Offer Local Delivery at these rates. 1-10 Miles is $10 and 11-20 Miles is $20. (Delivery Minimum $20) Shipping is offered at an additional price. Local Delivery Is Available On Saturdays & Sundays.
  • Do You Have Local Pickup?
    Yes! We Are Able To Meet At An Agreed Upon Location. Make Sure When Checking Out You Choose The Local Pickup Option. We Will Contact You With More Information. Local Pickup Is Only Available On Saturday & Sundays.
  • When Should I Expect My Order To Be Ready?
    Please order 5 days in advance for the date needed! Local Pick-Up and Delivery are offered. (Shipping is also available at an extra cost) Local Delivery: 1-10 Miles is $10. 11-20 Miles is $20. (Delivery Minimum is $20) *Tax is INCLUDED in pricing* 🐶🐱 For Best Shelf Life Keep Refrigerated!
  • What Are Your Hours?
    We Offer Shipping, Local Delivery, and Local Pickup! For Our Local Deliveries and Local Pickups These Are Our Hours Of Getting Our Treats To You!
  • How Can I Order Things Like Cupcakes/Cakes Since You Can't Ship Them?
    We have a menu page you can click on called, Pickup & Local Delivery, that explains it all! Some of our treats are unable to be shipped due to their frailness. You can still order them for pickup or local delivery by filling out the form on the page. All of our other treats can be purchased normally through adding them to your cart for shipping, local delivery, or pickup!
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